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Gianluca Magi
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«Men raise themselves through the cause of their fall»

- Kularnava Tantra



The Indian thought starts from the concept that the physical body is a case through which energy passes and that it can be trained to reach its own Ego, the Interior Man. The body is a kind of wagon onto which man runs through his life. The spirit (buddhi) is the coachman who holds the reins, which are the mind (manas), holding the horses that are the senses (indriya), whereas the run route is the world (loka). In ancient times, in India, sex was respected as the real origin of life. The Absolute was considered the womb from which the whole existence gushed out. The amazing group of Tantric evolved psychological, physiological and mythological traditions, that can be compared to a vast jungle of jewels, appeared since the IV/V century A.D., but their roots originated in a much more ancient age.  

Tantrism, on which Indian alchemy depended a lot, is not a real philosophical doctrine, but a way of living, assimilated by both the Hinduist and the Buddhist spheres, that shows the possibility of reaching liberation (moksa) in any way and that each action can be invested by a deep meaning, which is the foundation of a fulfilment practice.


In its different directions, Tantrism proposed sexual intercourse (maithuna) as a mean of liberation. The Tantric basis underlines the sacral feature of what is apparently “profane” (as sex), according to the assumption that the “illumination seed” is everywhere. Nothing is rejected: any life event can become a launching pad for jumping into the Unconditional. The so-called “negative” aspects of reality should not be repressed, but transformed in corresponding illuminated aspects. This spiritual way proposes itself as a way of  radical “crossing” of moral prohibitions, of cultural and ritual taboos that were ruling the Indian civilization customs when Tantrism developed itself. The Tantric practice (sàdhanà) devotes itself to the practice of conditioning, of instincts, of desires, that make up the human condition. Instead of repressing the basic instincts, it intensifies them in order to awake the original energies, entangled in matter.

[taken from my book, Uscite dal sogno della veglia, (Leave the dream of waking), Rimini 2008].

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