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Gianluca Magi
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Gianluca Magi


«On your parents’ knees you were a crying newborn baby, while everybody else was smiling. Therefore, live to have a smile, falling into the eternal rest, while all the others around you will be crying»

- Hafiz



I have a natural bent for ecstasy, for going out of the world. I’m like this to the extent that, a couple of weeks after All Souls’ Day, not so much as a handful of decades ago, after the waters’ breaking, I was born at 14.30. An oceanic day, but a common one for the rest of the planet, impassive continuing its orbiting motion. But it wasn’t so for my mother and most of all for me.
A unique and unrepeatable day: all of a sudden, from being an aquatic being, I began breathing a strange compound of oxygen, nitrogen and atmospheric dust. Nevertheless, despite of my birth, if it’s true that in the universe nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, the terraqueous globe weight didn’t change of half a gram.
And it was exactly that way that, one day, from a gate, I came onto this planet. And one day I will leave it, from the same gate.

During this lapse of time, for a reason or another, and for not being too boring, I found myself wandering around the East for a long time, filled with joy by styles and disciplines. I always thought that theory and practice are indivisible paths. This belief led my attention towards different research fields, world languages and activities.
After a psychotherapeutic training and an analytic guidance, I combined experience and studies, developing my own personal meditation technique, combining different approaches and methods of Tantrism, Sufism, Taoism, Buddhism and Transpersonal psychology, adapting them to the western needs, without losing their original essence.


The interest for the creation of a synthesis between the western and the eastern thought, in the view of a Transpersonal psychology and of a Comparative philosophy, made me found in Rimini, in 1997, the Scuola Superiore di Filosofia Orientale e Comparativa (Superior School of Oriental and Comparative Philosophy), where I am the Director of Studies and teacher of Indian Philosophy, comparative philosophy and transpersonal psychology.
In the same time, I’ve been teaching “History of religions in China” and “History of Philosophy” at the University of Urbino for many years; actually, I’m a teacher of “Sociology of Indian cultures” at the Faculty of Sociology of the same University.

2004 has been the year when the goddess Fortune, I can’t explain why, smiled at me: my book I 36 stratagemmi (The 36 Stratagems, published by Edizioni Il Punto d’Incontro) obtained an extraordinary welcome from the public, becoming a great success, a long seller arrived to the twentieth reprint. From then on, the invisible law of attraction made me the present of special friendships: Franco Battiato and Alejandro Jodorowsky.
But 2001 has been the real crucial year: foreboded by vivid dreams, in December, my son Cristoforo, a very curious character, joined me. With him, on Friday afternoons, during our philosophical walks in possible and impossible worlds, time passes with the fluidity of silk. And with him, as in the books I write, I embrace different cognitive fields, always keeping in mind the only aim: to become what you’ve always been.


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