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Gianluca Magi
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Hermann Hesse


«Think the East as a source of our thought»

- Hermann Hesse



In 1997, I founded the Scuola Superiore di Filosofia Orientale e Comparativa (Superior School of Oriental and Comparative Philosophy) at the Istituto di Scienze dell’Uomo (Human Sciences Institute) in Rimini.
This School aims at mediating the Western and the Oriental thought, in the philosophical and psychological field. Besides stating the need of a comparison, it promotes the practical knowledge and the application of the principles, of the most suitable ones, for the formulation of a Transpersonal psychology, which should make a wide use of alternative categories and ways of thinking for the comprehension of man.

The objective of the School, in which work university teachers and researchers, who have been working for many years in the field of Oriental and comparative philosophies, is not specialized nor archaeological: we are convinced that only through the divulgation and the accessible presentation of the different research lines, we could stimulate the possibility of a dialogue.

A great attention is also given to all the theorists, who distinguished themselves for their work of promotion of a world philosophy, sheltered from Eurocentrism and exoticism: elements that, for a long time, have unfortunately been hampering a serious examination of these matters. It is not superfluous to underline that any tradition or line of thought is privileged to the detriment of the others.


Any sectarian or partisan spirit, as well as the sterile dogmatism, is banished on principle.

Since 2009, together with the Diploma in Oriental and comparative Philosophy, a Master in Oriental and Comparative Studies has also been established. The aim of the Master is to prepare professional figures, specialized in the mediation of the Western and Oriental thoughts, giving theoretical-methodological competences and instruments for the comparative reflection.

The objective of this high level training is to fill the gap of the Italian university structure, which does not allow a wide perspective in the real intercultural dialogue and in the questioning of the alternative way of thinking coming from the East: you should think with the other thought traditions in order to understand them, not only to know them.

It is one of the specific tasks of the contemporary world man to make men understand each other. To make this happen, he needs a hospitable mind, that looks towards the cosmopolitan culture surrounding it and that could embrace it within its wide horizon

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Scuola Superiore di Filosofia Orientale e Comparativa


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