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Gianluca Magi
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Filosofia Comparativa


«Don’t search until you are the object of  the search,
otherwise you’ll find what is similar to you»

- Bayazid Bistami



Comparative philosophy is a research field mostly unexplored, a virgin territory that saves many surprises. The philosophical-comparative discoverer jumps out from the narrow limits of the historiographical jail and studies, even on a trans-historical level, the three great world philosophical traditions: the Greek, the Indian and the Chinese one. He explores their analogies and differences, in the aim of lightening and merging the different attempts of solution of the great philosophical problems that appeared during the centuries and in different civilizations.

In fact, there are some similarities – not necessarily spatial and temporal, as the historiographical approach always claimed – between schools and movements, and between specific aspects of individual thoughts. The age of the global village, in which we are living, has made it necessary to overcome the apparent contrast between the East and the West.


Therefore, the meeting and merging of the Western and the Eastern cultures, in a new  synthesis, in the light of new thought perspectives, become inevitable, where philosophy could be again a kind of school of life or a kind of way to wisdom. It is no longer a theory, detached from immediate reality, from what we can call the vital flux, but a global philosophy, that goes beyond geographical boundaries. 

All this, with the awareness of the fact that a dialogue between cultures is a basic need in the present world condition and that the contemporary world man has the task to make men understand each other. To make this happen, he needs a hospitable mind, that looks towards the cosmopolitan culture surrounding it and that could embrace it within its wide horizon.

Psicologia Transpersonale

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