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Gianluca Magi
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Detti sulla Porta


«Man came into this world with a precise task.
This is his objective. If he does not achieve it, he would have not done anything»

- Jalaluddin Rumi



Above my study’s door there is always a welcoming sentence, which represents my vision of the world.
They are aphorisms written by different thinkers, some from the East, some others from the West, some others written by myself.
In my best moments, I could not tell who wrote them, others or myself.
Here some of them in the last years.

Ridendo Dicere Severum.

Man is unhappy because he does not know he’s happy. That’s it!
The one who will understand it will suddenly be happy.

Ducunt fata volentem, nolentem trahunt.
(Destiny smoothly leads the ones who follow him, drags the ones who put up resistance). 

You should not be ashamed of not being similar to the ideal given by society.

Abstinence or generosity are not virtues, if you are pleased or love suffering because of them.

Everything can be known from its opposite.

You can bring the camel near to the water, but you cannot make it drink it.

When the heart cries for what he lost, the spirit laughs for what it found.

If you allow something to yourself, you can renounce to it; if you do not allow it, it will become irremissible.

If you look well, the effect exists before its cause. The origin of the world lies in the future!

God lives where people let him go in.

Mind can make Hell a heavenly place and Heaven a hellish one.

For ecology of mind: nothing should be thrown away, everything can be recycled.

Law of the reverse effort:
if you hold your breath, you’ll lose it;
if you let it go, you’ll find it.


Losing your hope, you’ll find wisdom.

The wise man, since he does not show himself, shines.

As the bamboo: the more it grows high, the more it can bend down.

The one who wants to shine should keep in the shade.

The one who wants to find the light should search for shade’s root.

The practice to delay destroys the practice to decide.

The root of the impulse whirl, in which you do not know what to do first, is the fact that you don’t want to think.

To shine as a star without being afraid of darkening the planets.

The world like the Hall of Mirrors: everything reflects your image.

In the clear look of a baby, where every single detail is a miracle, the world is revealed.

What you fear is always what you do not dare to confess you desire.

The one who shows off is hiding something.

Problems do not exist, at least until you make them be problems.

What makes life precious is its uncertainty.

The one who reveres his own faction and despises the others only for attachment to it, with this behaviour actually inflicts the most serious wound to his own party.

Iocari serio et studiosissime ludere
(Joke seriously and play with great care)

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