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Gianluca Magi
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Sanjao. L'impoero delle tre vie



The Empire of the three ways

Rimini 2004
Edizioni della Scuola Superiore di Filosofia Orientale e Comparativa
pp. 80 (Large Format)
Out of print

«It could be useful to be able to take advices from a culture, so different from ours, in order to be able to consider the far East as a source of our knowledge».
- Hermann Hesse, Die Zeit, 31.7.1913

Sanjiao. The Empire of the three ways is a fundamental tool for understanding China, an indepth guide to Chinese thought in its many expressions. It covers a variety of arts and sciences, detailing Chinese perspective. Discussing themes such as psychology, sciences, warfare, sexuality, music, arts, meditation, philosophy and others, Sanjiao paints a detailed portrait of ancient and modern China, and shares with us the secret of Chinese success.