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Gianluca Magi
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Il dito e la luna

See the German translation of this book
(Random House Kailash Verlag)


The Finger and the Moon

The teachings of Islamic mystics
Vicenza 2002 (2009, 7th reprint)
Edizioni Il Punto d'Incontro
pp. 160


A different way of seeing reality and a piece of wisdom that helps solving the problems of everyday life
•Introduces Sufism and its teachings in a simple yet enligthening way
•Each story is a key that will open a door, offering a new way of seeing reality
•Clearly adapted for modern Western readers
Sufism has made one of the greatest contributions towards human thought, and yet it is not something easy to define. It does not stand as a religion, nor as an abstract thought. It does not leave much space for beliefs or literary knowledge, preferring the direct experience of everyday life. It could be defined as a very down-to-earth way of viewing life, a means of being able to accomplish the Divine inside our hearts. The language used by Sufism is indeed
that of the heart, far from dogmas, formal religious rituals and conventions. Indeed, through a brief parable Sufis can pass on knowledge faster and more effectively than a long-winded logical or philosophical explanation. The stories included in this book have all been gathered from the immense treasure of Sufism. With a simple, persuasive logic, they show a different way of thinking, which goes beyond words and material facts, to offer the careful
readers that precious seed that will germinate into their hearts.