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Quaderno Indiano


Indian Copybook

Notes for a history of philosophy. From the origins to Tantrism
Rimini 2002 (2003, 2nd reprint)
Quaderni della Scuola Superiore di Filosofia Orientale e Comparativa
pp. 40 (Large Format)
Out of print

A concise guide, rich in images, for all who wish to go into the world of philosophies of the Indian subcontinent. A series of lessons summarised in easy consultative cards, which are a first approach to the matter, difficult in itself. 
The treated subjects concern the Veda, the Bràhmana, the Upanishad, Buddha’s life and teaching, the six Brahmanic visions, the Bhagavad Gìtà, Gaudapàda, the Advaita Vedànta, the Viçishtàdvaita, the Dvaita Vedànta, the Hìnayàna Buddhism, the Mahàyàna Buddhism, the Jainism, the materialistic schools, Tantrism, the Yantra, the Mantra, chakra psycho-physiology, alchemy and Sufism.
This copybook presents a route that leads the reader along the first steps of the study. All chapters have been particularly studied for a modern public, that wishes to move his first steps of a journey on the ways of Indian liberation.