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Gianluca Magi
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La Via dell'Umorismo


The Way of humor.
101 Spiritual Jokes


The shock parables of Oriental wisdom
Rimini 1998 (2000 2nd reprint)
Panozzo Editore
pp. 126
Out of print

This book is a collection of parables from traditions of Sufism, Taoism, Zen, Hinduism and chassidism as form of psychological training to illuminate unsuspected sides of the personality and bring awareness to a deeper level.
The purpose of the methodology, called the Way of humor, is: open the doors to a different functioning of the mind and bring awareness to a deeper level.
Is almost unknown that in the East there are educational jokes multilevels, as Chinese boxes, that contain various interior dimension.
The book is permeated by presence of Mullah Nasruddin, a strange legendary master, highly considered in the Sufi circles.


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