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Gianluca Magi
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Il dharma del sacrificio del mondo


The Dharma of the World's sacrifice

Purvamìmàmsà Sùtra of Jaimini
Rimini 1998
Panozzo Editore
pp. 170


This work, not translated in Italian yet, is fitted with the Sanskrit text, an introduction, the translation, a clear comment, a lexicon of the terms and an exhaustive bibliography.
The work does not suppose any preliminary knowledge of the Indian philosophy of the reader, since it has been conceived for a varied public, not necessarily specialised. In this direction, even the Sanskrit lexicon is a useful instrument, as an introduction to the study of this language and to ease the accurate study of this matter.
Pùrvamìmàmsà Sùtra is the basic text of the Mìmàmsà school. Very probably the most ancient among the six orthodox “visions” of the Brahmanic philosophy, it has been an important reference for the Indian culture for centuries.
Jaimini, the author of Pùrvamìmàmsà Sùtra, is the codifier of a tradition existing much before him that, much before the Greek knowledge, adopted completely unusual and fascinating mental perspective to the present thought.
The aim of this Indian treatise is to reach the heavenly reality (svarga) through a periodic sacrifice of the World, that is of man himself. The basic logic of this “vision”, tinged with a symbolism of the anthropocosmic structure, is the close solidarity between man and the World itself, which is nothing but an originless and indestructible sound. In fact, the primordial essence of the World is here considered as a big word permeating everything and that joins Heaven and Earth.