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Gianluca Magi
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The 36 Stratagems.
The secret Chinese art of strategy


Roma 2010
Duration: 05.07


In ancient China, a curious literary work appeared; it contained a series of stratagems applied to the art of warfare. These stratagems had a military as well as psychological value, because they represented an in-depth and detailed analysis of the human psyche
in a warfare context.
The 36 Stratagems reveals the laws of success that China has written through millennia of subtle psychological knowledge, out of which its winning strategy was derived. Though the situation has changed, the 36 stratagems are very topical and effective, because they can be applied to all sorts of contexts: psychology, politics, business, management, education, diplomacy, communications, marketing, ethics and human relations. Thus, these stratagems have far from lost vitality and it is not surprising that today the Far East considers them as a reference in training managers.