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Gianluca Magi
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La vita è uno stato mentale


Life is a state of mind

That is the Reckoning of the results of actions in the evanescent world, according to the teaching of Phalu the Kashmirian

Edited by and with the introductive essay “The human existence in a nutshell” by Gianluca Magi
Milan 2009
pp. 92


«If you believe that, in the world, there is no link between any single thing and all the others, and if you believe you are an individual, apart from everything that surrounds you, you should set out on the path of meditation. My boy, I wish you would be able to accept this advice and start your journey. Proceeding along this path, you will see that anything you will do will become precious, that any thought will rise taking the right direction, that any word that will be pronounced will hit the target».
- Phalu the Kashmirian

Sometimes, all of a sudden, the immense treasure of the Tibetan thought opens a pearl. In that moment, spring is everywhere.
The reckoning of the results of actions in the evanescent world, according to the teaching of Phalu the Kashmirian (“La conta dei frutti delle azioni nel mondo evanescente secondo l’insegnamento di Phalu il kashmiro”), that was born from an unusual, but fruitful embrace between the Islam Sufi and the Tibetan Buddhist thoughts, is the pearl that is translated here, for the first time, in Italian.
As living leaves picked from the big tree of knowledge, it is a florilegium of sayings to parry the world’s blows; until the second half of the last century, before the extreme devastation of the Chinese cultural revolution, popular as an almanac in Tibet.
The clear and good reflections of this vademecum, that even at first sight looks like a fine livre de chevet, gush at the dusk of the existence of a man, in whose mind the idea, typically Indian and Tibetan, according to which life is nothing but a mental condition, a spell, a dream, gained ground.
The advantage of the rules expressed here is right in avoiding that the dream of life becomes an indigestive nightmare. Rules that are so useful to the contemporary men

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