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Gianluca Magi
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Enciclopedia Filosofica







Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Milano 2006
12 volumes

Edited by the most influential Italian and foreign scholars, this Encyclopaedia of philosophy has been, since its first edition (1957-58), a work that yearns for being the most complete and exhaustive reconnaissance of the present philosophical culture.
This new edition, completely revised and extended, represents the finish line of a long and complex research, aiming at the systematical presentation of history, of its main characters and of the concepts of the universal thought.
Organised in alphabetical order (with its 10.100 entries that cover 24 disciplinary fields and with the contribution of 1.897 people and of 135 Italian and foreign universities), this Encyclopaedia covers, in its various aspects, the paths of philosophy, even in its intersections with other disciplines: from law to politics, from economy to sociology, from psychology to pedagogy, from history of religions to theology.
The wideness of perspectives, not limited to the western survey, offered with scientific uprightness and expositive clearness, is evident in the interest in the classical tradition and in the more recent developments of modern thought.
All this makes this work an indispensable instrument, not only for professional men and teachers, but also for learners of any level and country, and for those who want to approach, with an open and critical spirit, the complex and fascinating problems of thought.

On behalf of Gianluca Magi the following voices:

Ahimsà; Ajìvika; Aranyaka; Brahman; Bràhmana; Càrvaka; Darsana; Dharma; Barman; Màyà; Mìmàmsà; Moksa;
Nàgàrjuna; Nirvana; Nyàya; Om o aum; Sàmkhya; Sankara; Sivaismo; Upanisad; Vaisesika; Veda; Vedànta; Visnuismo; Yoga.