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Gianluca Magi
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Sanjao. I tre pilastri della sapienza



The Three Pillars of Wisdom
Vicenza 2006
Edizioni Il Punto d'Incontro
pp. 240


A fundamental tool for understanding China, Sanjiao is an indepth guide to Chinese thought in its many expressions
•Brings to life the many astounding achievements of ancient and modern China
•An insight into one of the most powerful ancient empires and a modern successful economy
• Covers a variety of arts and sciences, detailing Chinese perspective
The Chinese know a great deal about us. We know little about them. The richness of their civilisation, with 5,000 extraordinary years of history and an astoundingly immense geography, intrigues and enchants us. Never has China been so near. The amazing economic development it is undergoing requires that we understand the thought of this nation. The causes of its current global success should not, in fact, be sought exclusively in its contemporary political determination, but in its traditional view of the world.
Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism represent the “3 pillars” that have been supporting this multifaceted civilisation for millennia.
Discussing themes such as psychology, sciences, warfare, sexuality, music, arts, meditation, philosophy and others, Sanjiao paints a detailed portrait of ancient and modern China, and shares with us the secret of Chinese success.